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Your Fitness Story: The Next Chapter

Fitness Story

Every decision we make and every habit we have will determine the next chapter of our lives. And we are the writers of our own stories. How will your life end? Psychologist Erik Erikson said our lives will end in integrity or despair. Have you ever seen a fit older person ever in despair? That […]

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The $150 Question

150 question

  Recently, several drug firms have come under scrutiny and indictments for “jacking up” prices for meds, many of which could be avoided, quite simply, by being fit. Did you catch that? Many meds that people are depending on and spending too much money on can be avoided by getting up, getting out, and getting […]

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5 Simple Ways You Can Promote Healthy Vision

Healthy Vision

I know something about you: You wear glasses, or know at least one person who does. Impressed? Probably not, considering over 40 percent of Americans are nearsighted (blurred vision over long distances), according to this 2009 study. So odds are pretty good that at least half of the people reading this live with less-than-perfect vision. […]

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