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Winning Fitness: 3 Steps To Changing A Bad Habit

Changing A Bad Habit Is Something Most Of Us Would Rather Not Talk About. And fitness isn’t fun for most. It is a necessity, however. For those who aren’t fit, it will continue to be a problem unless you change your habits. Remember, no amount of money, popularity, excuses, or medications are going to impact […]

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Deadlift guy

The Simple, but Effective Deadlift

A core strength and conditioning program is vital in reaching your fitness goals. An often overlooked exercise that is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact is the Deadlift. The Deadlift is unique in its capacity for increasing head-to-toe strength. Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to speed up metabolism, increase strength, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, […]

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Pain myth

8 Fitness Myths That Are Holding You Back

Some people still follow these ‘old wives tales’ of fitness. Read on to see if any of these common mistakes are keeping you from making real progress in your fitness. 1. “A Treadmill Puts Less Stress On My Knees Than Pavement.” Though there are hard (concrete) and soft (grass) surfaces, any running creates high impact […]

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