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4 Steps to Naturally Lower Your A1C

  What’s your A1C? If you’re diabetic, you know. If you aren’t, you probably aren’t as concerned. Think of the A1C test as an early warning system for complications that happen down the road when we don’t control our blood sugar. If the test shows that our blood glucose level is high, it means that […]

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Reasons And Remedy’s For Your Bloating After Meals

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Do you ever feel so bloated after a meal that you have to undo your belt? Or maybe you even wear stretchy or loose pants to accommodate your expanded tummy after eating? Do you sometimes look like you’re pregnant after eating? (This was definitely me!) Many of us have experienced these uncomfortable side effects of bloating […]

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5 Ways To Relieve Your COPD with Physical Activity.

COPD- Breathing Better

If you suffer from any kind of lung condition (emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or bronchiectasis), you live with one very persistent reminder: you’re always out of breath.

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