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The Answer To The Fight Against Cancer

Fitness, an Answer to Cancer

In 1994, at 45-years-old, George Foreman became the oldest fighter ever to win the World Heavyweight Championship in boxing. Earlier in his boxing career, Foreman won a gold medal and was heavyweight champion, until retiring. Years later, Foreman shocked the world by knocking his opponent out and reclaiming his crown as the best fighter. Many […]

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Breathing Better With COPD

COPD- Young Nose

If you suffer from a lung condition, you understand that ever-present symptom all too well: shortness of breath. But there are things you can do to take control of your condition, and live better.

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8 ‘Healthy’ Meals to Avoid at Restaurants

Half eaten sandwich

  Look at the menu at any popular restaurant. If you’re watching your weight, or trying not to undo your efforts at the gym, you may gravitate to the salad section, or the ‘light’ page. “Maybe a veggie stir fry, or the turkey burger, with water of course.”

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